Which Website will best promote my profile?

While we, at the Backpage NZ firmly believe that our website will provide you with the most comprehensive promotion of any available website in New Zealand due to the fact that we are completely NZ owned and operated and we have had personal experience of being an escort in this Country, it is good comercial practice to join and promote through several professional websites to optimise your opportunity to succeed.

What do I do if I have a problem with any facet of the Backpage website?

Contact us immediately at our email address support@thebackpagenz.com and we will ensure that your issue is dealt with as quickly and beneficialloy as we can.

What is the difference between advertising as an Agency versus a Private Escort?

If you wish to load more than one profile (ie. have more than one escort) under one contact id (ie. one email address and one phone number), you will need to create your listing as and AGENCY. This will allow you to list several profiles and be able to administer these from one Login ID. If you are working on your own it will be easier for you to Load your profile as PRIVATE. Please bear in mind that some customers prefer to deal with Private escorts where some prefer the Agency vibe. 

What is the ruling about showing my face in my profile pictures?

There is absolutely no rule over how much or how little, if any at all of your face you should show this or any advertising site. Evidence would suggest that if you do show your face you can expect a better response but if your privacy is important to you you will still get a response if you don't. If you are worried the best option is to not show your face at all.