Privacy Policy

Information updated as at 23rd January 2019

Glossary of Terms:

The Owners – Clinton John Small and Vanessa Christina Small T/a HMb Partnership, their authorised personnel and agents.

The Site – The BackpageNZ website.

The Advertiser – The Escorts, Agencies, Parlours and other Commercial Advertisers, advertising on this site; Essentially YOU. 

The Client – Person or persons utilising the Site to search for the Advertiser with a view to making a financial arrangement for services rendered. 

The Contract – An agreement between the Advertiser and the Site whereby the Advertiser uses the Site to post an advertisement regarding their services. Such advertisement may have an associated cost or it may be free but this will not affect the contractual obligations of both parties.


While the Advertiser’s privacy is of paramount importance to the Owners by advertising on the Site the Advertiser’s advertisement is in the public domain. To this end the Site has introduced security measures both technical and policy based to protect the privacy of the Advertisers and the Clients, however, no guarantees are provided that such security measures may not be breached at some point by persons unknown.
The Owners have taken all commercially reasonable measures to protect any and all back end information provided by the Advertiser, however, the only way to guarantee the security of personal information is not to provide it in the first place.

  1. If you disagree with any component of this Privacy Policy you must leave the Site immediately.
  2. The Site’s Privacy Policy has been updated on the above date. As the process of site management is continually changing, the owners reserve the right to update this Privacy Policy without notice to the Advertiser. It is the Advertisers obligation to ensure that they are up to date with any amendments which may occur from time to time. Any such amendments will reflect in a revised date at the top of the page to confirm the date of the most recent update.
  3. The Advertiser may contact the site using the “CONTACT” function at the bottom of the Homepage or by using the email address or the listed telephone number or postal address.
  4. Any communication between the Site and the Advertiser will remain confidential unless such communication is required to be disclosed under New Zealand law.
  5. At the time of advertisement creation, the Site will capture the Login information being the Trading Name, the email address and the contact phone number of the Advertiser. This information will be stored in a database. The site reserves the right to contact the Advertiser at its discretion using this information. The information may be retained by the site after the Advertiser terminates their Contract with the site but will be granted the ability to opt out at any time.
  6. No information other than the details listed in item 5 above will collected and stored by the site.
  7. The Site will not pass on any information to any other website or entity including Commercial Advertisers on this site without prior written consent from the Advertiser unless it is required to by New Zealand law.
  8. The site may, from time to time, provide links to other third-party websites. On choosing to access such links the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of this site are no longer invoked. The Owners take no responsibility for any issues caused by the Advertiser accessing such links.
  9. The Site uses various internet protocol including cookies to assist in information processing.
  10. Credit Card information is processed by third party vendors such as Paypal. No credit card information is accessible by the Site or the Owners.
  11. Any information posted on the Site by the Advertiser becomes public property by virtue of the fact that the public can access any or all of it. The Site and the Owners take no responsibility for the misuse or redistribution of the Advertiser’s information as a result of it being posted on the Site.