Terms of Use

Updated as at 23rd January 2019

Glossary of Terms:

The Owners – Clinton John Small and Vanessa Christina Small T/a HMb Partnership, their authorised personnel and agents.

The Site – The BackpageNZ website.

The Advertiser – The Escorts, Agencies, Parlours and other Commercial Advertisers, advertising on this site; Essentially YOU. 

The Client – Person or persons utilising the Site to search for the Advertiser with a view to making a financial arrangement for services rendered. 

The Contract – An agreement between the Advertiser and the Site whereby the Advertiser uses the Site to post an advertisement regarding their services. Such advertisement may have an associated cost or it may be free but this will not affect the contractual obligations of both parties.

The Terms and Conditions – The rules and regulations set down by the Owners and by New Zealand law, relating to the expected legalities, behaviours, etiquette and/ or general access to the Site.


The below Terms and Conditions are set down to provide clear rules on the party’s rights and obligations while accessing the content of the Site.

The Terms and Conditions may be subject to change without notice to the site users. Whether you are an Advertiser or a Client it is your responsibility to remain familiar with the Terms and Conditions set down herein. The date of the most recent amendment to the Terms and Conditions will always be posted at the top of this page for user reference purposes.

Any person accessing this site either as the Advertiser or as the Client, viewing or creating advertisements, must abide by the Terms and Conditions set down herein. Any breach of such terms and conditions will result in appropriate action by the Owners.

Terms & Conditions of Use

  1. Regardless of whether you are the Advertiser or the Client you attest that by accessing the content of the Site you are over the age of 18 years old. If you are not you MUST by New Zealand law, exit the Site immediately.
  2. All Advertisers on this site must have a legal right to work in New Zealand. The Owners reserve the right to seek confirmation of such eligibility, either by age or work status, of any Advertiser on the Site and to remove any advertisement permanently from the site where such confirmation is not satisfactorily provided in the view of the Owners. No negotiation will be entered into.
  3. By accessing the Site, you agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy set out herein in their entirety.
  4. All advertisements posted on the site must comply with New Zealand law and shall not depict lewd or offensive behaviour. It is the responsibility of any user of the Site to report any such material listed on the Site to the Owners immediately. Any issues contravening New Zealand law will immediately be reported to the appropriate law enforcement authority.
  5. No material shall be posted on this site that includes any person or persons other than the Advertiser. All material posted must be the property of the Advertiser who attests that they have the legal right to post such material.
  6. No material shall be posted on this site that includes any person or persons under the age of 18 years old. (Minors under New Zealand Law) If the Owners are suspicious that such breach of New Zealand Law has occurred the appropriate Law enforcement authority will be notified immediately.
  7. No material shall be posted on the Site that, in any way, condones or assists in human trafficking.
  8. The Advertiser warrants that they are advertising on the Site of their own volition and that all advertisements posted are in the public domain. Therefore, the Advertiser will not hold the Site or the Owners responsible, in any way for any issues arising from the posting of such advertisements.
  9. All advertisements will be vetted upon being listed to ensure compliance with our Terms and Conditions. This process will be carried out after the ad activation to minimise the downtime between ad placement and income for the poster. The Advertiser hereby accepts that the Site may decide to modify, amend or delete any text or picture listed in the ad at the Site’s discretion if it fails to comply with either the Terms and Conditions or the Privacy Policy of the Site. Any such issues relating to ad modification will be notified to the Advertiser in writing by the Owners after the fact. The decision of the Site will be final and no negotiation will be entered into.
  10. The Site does not monitor communications between the Advertiser and the Client in any way. The parties are solely responsible for any negotiation entered into and the Site takes no responsibility for any matters arising out of such negotiations.
  11. All ads that are not renewed at the expiry of the term will be removed from the home page. 
  12. In the event that advertisements are removed or Profiles are deleted due to any breach of the Terms and Conditions all payments received by the Site are non-refundable. No negotiation will be entered into.
  13. The Site and the Owners take no responsibility for any information provided by the Advertisers. Any person or persons entering into negotiations or arrangements based on such information contained in an ad does so at their own risk. It is the sole responsibility of the parties to ensure that they are comfortable with the terms and conditions of their arrangement before entering into it.

Payment/ Refund Policy

Payments - Upon payment processing, the given advertisement/ feature will be activated immediately. If there are any issues relating to this operation please contact the Owners immediately either via the Contact form or by email or telephone. All contact details are listed on the Contact Page.
Refunds - Unless there is an issue generated by the Site, no refunds will be issued.

Photo Policy

As a website dealing in adult content, we have had to set down a concrete policy on the types of photos that we will, or will not allow on the site. We have decided that we will allow more explicit photos on our client’s profiles, but we have decided that such explicit photos cannot be visible as the Profile Pic on the Homepage. For any breach of this policy the advertiser will be immediately advised in writing and their profile will be hidden from view pending adjustment by the advertiser. If the offending photos are not amended within 7 days they will be deleted by the Owners and the Advertiser will be advised of this in writing. The profile will immediately be returned to the Homepage when the issue has been dealt with.


If there is any doubt as to the intent or the meaning of any of the above Terms and Conditions it is your responsibility to seek clarification from the Owners before continuing to use the Site.

Errors in spelling, grammar or other such interpretation shall not affect the meaning of the Terms and Conditions. Should any clause above be deemed to be unenforceable by law that will not, in any way, dilute or negate the other clauses.